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General Rules

1.   Keep in mind the safety of yourself, other riders, all animals and equipment.
2.   An approved safety helmet and correct footwear must be worn at all times while mounted.
3.   All parts of the grounds to be kept free of rubbish and generally tidy.
4.   Horse droppings to be removed promptly from all carparks, yards, washbays and sand arenas.
5.   The water in the washbays are to be used sparingly as the Waikato Equestrian Centre is on metered water. There is absolutely no shampooing of horses allowed at any time.
6.   Cross Country jumps are NOT to be used without:-
* Prior authorisation and payment of appropriate fee
* A safety helmet.
7.   Report to the Office any water leaks, damage to fencing or equipment, whether caused by you or otherwise.
8.   All gates found shut or locked, to be shut or locked after use.
9.   Riding School area (including the Indoor arena) not to be used without prior booking/authorisation.
10.   All Dogs must be on a leash at all times.
11.   Riders and spectators to observe all reasonable requests and directions from staff.
12.   “In-hand” grazing is permitted away from competition areas. However, a person MUST be holding the end of the leap rope at all times.
13.   No temporary tape yards are to be erected anywhere including carparks.
14.   All rubbish to be removed.
15.   There is no jumping allowed on the polo field (grass arena).
16.   You are required to adhere to the texting Policy when riding on the Grounds. You must text 0274995055 upon arrival with your name and the number of horses you have with you. You need to text just prior to departure stating “all safe” or notifying of any issues or breakages.
17.   No show jump poles, stands or other equipment is to be removed from the Show Jumping shed without express permission from the Centre Manager.
15.   Failure to observe rules will result in disciplinary action as per the Disciplinary Policy.

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Form Download