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Pony Trainees

Pony Trainees are an important part of our team at the Waikato Equestrian Centre – Riding School.

The Pony Trainee system is available to young people who are already enrolled in a programme in the Riding School.

The purpose of the Pony Trainee system is to offer students work experience and training in the equestrian field.  In order to enter the program the children need to be a minimum age of 12 years, physically fit and capable, have some riding and horse experience.

At the entry level of the program the students are rewarded for every 16 hours worked with one group lesson.

Each student should have individual goals they are working towards whether it be gaining the confidence to have their own pony or becoming proficient enough to work professionally in the equine industry.  We like to offer the Pony Trainees special opportunities as they progress, however they must put in the hard yards first.