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Waikato Equestrian Centre Pony Club



The New Zealand Pony Clubs Association (NZPCA) is a not for profit, youth voluntary organisation for young people interested in ponies/horses and riding.

The NZPCA is represented nationally by its 81 Clubs, 238 Branches and over 9,400 Members.

We provide instruction on riding and horse/pony management with a structured certificate system that allows young people to gain qualifications, promoting the highest ideals of behaviour, sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty, to create strength of character and self discipline.

We encourage young people to ride and enjoy all kinds of sport connected with riding through our rallies, events and competitions.

Our volunteers are the backbone of the pony club and are highly valued. We encourage their development and recognise their dedication to helping us make the NZPCA the success it is.

We have a coaching system which allows for a progressive pathway for those who teach at pony club and encourages them to attain qualifications and develop their skills enabling a consistency of teaching standards throughout our Branches.



To develop, promote, govern and lead the best youth equestrian training/coaching organisation in New Zealand.


The NZPCA is a voluntary organisation for young people interested in ponies/horses and riding that:

Encourages young people to ride and enjoy all kinds of sports connected with riding
Provides instruction on riding and pony/horse management
Promotes the highest ideals of behaviour, sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty, to create strength of character and self-discipline
Values, encourages, develops and recognises the volunteers who are the backbone of Pony Club and its success


The NZPCA is committed to the following:

Friendly, fun, helpful, encouraging and respectful environment at all times whether at rallies, events or in competition
Responsive to change and opportunities for continual improvement
Honest and transparent in all communications


What is Centre Membership?

The Centre Membership Scheme was introduced in 2014 so that children and young people without their own pony could join and take part in Pony Club activities, the pony club certificates and achievement badges. Membership is open to anyone up to 25 years of age.

Riding schools around the country become affiliated to the Pony Club, and through this link, can offer the Pony Club tests and badges to their clients.


As a rider at an affiliated centre, you will be able to work towards your certificates and achievement badges and learn to ride and care for horses and ponies by taking part in rallies and activities.


The rally is the backbone of The Pony Club. A working rally is one at which instruction is given. It may be either a mounted or unmounted rally. An unmounted rally is usually for horse and pony care instruction.

Rallies vary in length from an hour and a half to whole day rallies and even camps.

All mounted rallies follow a rally plan which are tailored to the level of the groups of riders attending.

The plans include a gear checking/safety brief, a ‘lesson of the day’, a horse management lesson and games and activities.


Certificates are an essential part of the Pony Club system, providing incentive and encouragement to learn and improve at all levels. Pony Club members study for their certificates at rallies and can take exams to test their knowledge approximately every two years throughout their time at Pony Club.

Pony Club certificates are available for all ages and levels of competency with even a lead rein achievement card available for our youngest members.

The Certificates attainable are;

  • Riders without horses
  • Lead rein
  • D
  • D+
  • C
  • C+
  • B
  • H
  • A

At this stage, WEC Pony Club is only approved to offer Lead Rein, D and D+ Certificates.


The thinking behind the Achievement Badge Initiative is to give encouragement for PC members to keep progressing though the certificate system, in a simple and fun way. It is a motivational incentive, aimed at our most junior riders, with or without a horse, through to our future Olympians. They can be achieved in any order and at any time.  The badges may be positioned on the arm, saddle blanket or any other manner that is agreed by WEC Pony Club.


Junior – minimum age 7 years:

To give young people an introduction into the world of horses and horse care.

Bronze, Silver, Gold – minimum age 13 years:

To give an alternative certificate to Riding Members that not only includes the skills learnt at rallies, but also those included in their competitions and outside interests.

The Equine Skills Certificates are extra qualifications and are separately priced.


Fortnightly on a Friday afternoon starting from 4pm.

Once children are enrolled, I will work out the groups and ability levels.  It is anticipated that every child will do one (1) mounted rally per month.  There may be extra unmounted rallies if required.

It is anticipated that a mounted rally will be between 2½ – 3 hours in duration.  Unmounted rallies will be 1-1½ hours.


  • 1st Year of Membership – $200 (Includes Levy payable to NZPCA ($30), a Waikato Equestrian Centre Pony Club Polo Shirt, Certificate cards, a badge and clip (when Certificate passed) and Achievement Badges), $150 for subsequent years joined.
  • Horse/Pony Hire – $65 Per Mounted Rally.
  • Unmounted rally – $10 per child.


  • Junior Equine Skills (Minimum age: 7 years) – $25 per level.
  • Equine Skills (Minimum age: 13 years) – $25 per level.


WEC Pony Club polo shirt
Beige or white jodphurs
Jodphur boots (with or without chaps/gaiters) or long boots
Helmet (these will be tagged to state whether they pass a standard)
Back Protector (compulsory for Cross Country) – WEC currently has 2 for use
Hair net
No jewellery


Pony Club Manual 1 (not compulsory, but it’s the “Bible” according to Pony Club).  These can be purchased from most saddlery shops or can be ordered through WEC.