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Visiting Instructors

Visiting Instructor’s Policy (updated June 2017)

Please ensure that you read/understand the Policy below.  If you would like to book, you can either email as per the Policy, or fill in the on-line booking form by pressing here























  1. Notification of the lesson must be given by either the Instructor or the Rider at least 24 hours prior to the lesson.  This can be done by:


  • Email:
  • Text the WEC phone 027 499 5055 or Kara Lockhart, Centre Manager 027 483 4328
  • Phone: 07 8496328


  1. The Health and Safety form must be completed by the Instructor and/or the Rider (if a non-WEC member) once per membership year (1 June-31 May).


  1. Any damage that occurs during the lesson whether to equipment, property or yards is to be paid for by the visiting instructor.


  1. All WCEG Rules are to be adhered to at all times – including the requirement to text upon arrival and departure.


Updated June 2017.  To be reviewed January 2018.