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SRS Accumulator Series 2017/2018:

Series description here srsnz_accumulator_flyer_2017
Results to date here SRS 2017-2018 No2
If you have any queries with these results, please contact Christine Hartstone.  Her email address is:

Refund forms

WEC Eventing, Spring Horse Trial Refund form Horse Trials
Winter Dressage Refund form Dressage
Winter Show Jumping/Show Hunter Refund form SJ & SH

WEC Spring Dressage 2017

Results here WEC Spring Dressage Show October 2017

Winter Dressage 2017

Day 1 – here Dressage 6 May    Dressage 7 May
Day 2 – here Dressage 3 June    Dressage 4 June
Day 3 – here Dressage 1 July     Dressage 2 July
Day 4 – here Dressage 5 August   Dressage 6 August
Final Horse Topscores here: Horse Topscores
Final Pony Topscores here: Pony and Para Topscores

Winter Show Jumping/Show Hunter 2017

Day 1 – here Day 1 Show Hunter Results  Day 1 Show Jumping Results
Day 2 – here Day 2 Show Hunter Results   Day 2 Show Jumping Results
Day 3 – here Results Day 3 Show Hunter   Results Day 3 Show Jumping
Day 4 – here Day 4 Show Hunter results    Day 4 Show Jumping results
Final Show Hunter Topscores here: Final SH topscores
Final Show Jumping Topscores here: Final SJ topscores

WEC Eventing Horse Trial 2017

Results here Horse Trials 2017 results

Final SRS Accumulator Series Results 2016/2017